For Pete's Sake: 5 critical observations from Seattle Seahawks Week 7 victory

  • Other receivers step up with no DK
  • The defense was good again
  • How did Geno do?

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The secondary shut down the Cardinals' receiving corps

The Cardinals may not be a star-studded offense with game-changing receivers, but they have enough talent that, when used properly, can make defenses pay, which the Seahawks were fortunate to avoid in this matchup.

Their secondary limited any potentially big plays, especially when a guy like Marquise "Hollywood" Brown is lined up on the other side. With a depleted run game due to injuries and a suffocating run defense, Joshua Dobbs needed to spread the football around by including eight different pass-catchers during the game.

Despite the wealth of options for the quarterback, they totaled just 20 receptions on 33 targets for 150 yards and no touchdowns, adding to the Cardinals' woes of the day.

They didn't force a turnover, which would have likely sealed the game a lot sooner. However, Devon Witherspoon technically did nab an interception that was sadly negated due to penalties. That didn't slow the rookie down though, as he made sure to make his presence known through the full 60 minutes.