For Pete's Sake: Is a QB battle brewing after Seahawks upset Eagles in Week 15?

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The defense held Jalen Hurts to season-low numbers

When a dual-threat quarterback like Jalen Hurts lines up on the opposite side of your team's defense, you know you need to prepare for anything and everything because those quarterbacks are unpredictable.

That's what Hurts has been since entering the league and what he was expected to do in this game once he was given the green light to play after remaining questionable until kickoff. But that's not exactly what happened, as the Seattle defense held him to his lowest passing yards in a game this season.

To some, that may not seem that impressive, considering who we're talking about and the fact he scored two touchdowns on the ground. However, an offense with A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith is never easy to keep in check, which the Seahawks' defense managed to do.

The two receivers totaled just 106 yards combined with no touchdowns from either, a feat not many other teams in the league have been able to do. So even though their run defense wasn't A+, credit should be given where it's due, and their passing defense was impressive.