3 pivotal matchups that will decide Seattle Seahawks game vs. Giants in Week 4

  • Seattle should be able to run the ball
  • Seattle needs to control the Giants QB
  • The Seahawks get a potentially extremely valuable player back
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Giants QB Daniel Jones running against Seattle's front 7

Seattle's run defense has been much better this season. The team is third in terms of yards allowed per rush (2.9) and sixth in yards allowed running per game (79.3). But Seattle hasn't yet faced a quarterback who is both athletic enough to run effectively and also chooses to do so. The Lions Jared Goff can run but doesn't decide to very often, for instance. But Daniel Jones rushing ability is built into the design of the Giants offense.

In 2022, Jones ran for 708 yards with an average of 5.9 yards per run and he also rushed for 7 touchdowns. That number of rushing TDs was nearly half of his passing touchdowns so Jones is dangerous with his arm and his legs. Against the Seahawks in 2022, Jones ran the ball only 6 times and gained 20 yards. I expect this number to be much higher in 2023, especially if New York running back Saquon Barkley doesn't play due to an injury.

So far in 2023, Jones has run the ball 24 times for 107 yards. But he only ran the ball twice in Week 3 against the San Francisco 49ers so in the first two games he averaged running 11 times per game. This is probably somewhere around how many times Jones will run versus Seattle. Plus, Seattle's linebackers, especially Jordyn Brooks, will have to keep containment if the Seahawks manage to get pressure on Jones when he drops back and then scrambles.

Seattle has struggled to stop teams from converting third downs (Seattle has allowed 57.4 of third down attempts to be converted, 31st in the NFL) with just a normal drop back passer, so one who runs well, like Daniel Jones, could be a massive problem. Seattle should be the better team, but Jones picking up third downs while running could decide the outcome of the game.