5 players Seattle Seahawks can draft to make Mike Macdonald's life easier

These five players would make Mike Macdonald's life easier.

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Offensive lineman Troy Fautanu, Washington

Assuming that right guard Anthony Bradford is better in his second season than he was in his - at best - mediocre rookie season, and assuming center Olu Oluwatimi can develop into a good player in his second year, the Seahawks still need a left guard. Or Seattle might be in a bit of a mess as Bradford and Oluwatimi could both be bad and Seattle's offensive line is somehow worse in 2024 than it has been in recent seasons. That is not going to make new offensive line coach Scott Huff look good and none of that would really be his fault.

But for the sake of this article, let's assume that Bradford and Oluwatimi are at least decent. Seattle still needs a left guard. Troy Fautanu would make the most sense to fill that role as he is capable of making a Pro Bowl early in his career. Plus, he would have an easier transition than most to the NFL as his O-line coach in college was Huff and his offensive coordinator was Ryan Grubb who happens to be Seattle's new OC too, of course.

Fautanu would be the Week 1 starter next season and would be placed next to left tackle Charles Cross which could help form the best left side of the Seattle offensive line since the early 2000s when Walter Jones and Steve Hutchinson were wearing Seahawks uniforms. That doesn't completely fix the offensive line, of course, as the right side might still be a mess, but at least Seattle would halfway be there.

If Fautanu is still around at pick 16, Seattle should take him no matter who else is on the board. The team has no bigger problem than its offensive line. Why not take a player who can help remedy that issue for the next 10 years?