4 players Seattle Seahawks need to avoid in 2024 free agency

Dealing with turnover for the first time in nearly 15 years, the Seattle Seahawks will have a different outlook on how they approach this offseason.

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Seattle Seahawks need to avoid DE Danielle Hunter

This one may come as a surprise to many for a couple of different reasons. For starters, Danielle Hunter is coming off a career year in sacks (16.5). His endurance has been exceptional over the last couple of seasons and he would certainly fill a need for this Seahawks defensive front. Last year with Minnesota, Hunter fit in nicely with Brian Flores' new scheme.

In comparing his scheme with that of Macdonald, you can argue Danielle could have success with the amount of blitzes they both utilize. However, at age 29, would it be wise to lock him up? To allocate the majority of the money they would have freed to someone who might slow down the progression of Boye Mafe (who I really think is going to excel under Macdonald) and Derrick Hall?

Although he may have been forgotten, Uchenna Nwosu will be back next season. He has played at a very high level ever since signing with the Seattle Seahawks. While I argued for the Seahawks to pursue Chris Jones, the two situations are different. Seattle currently does not have a young and coming defensive tackle, and Chris Jones is arguably the 2nd biggest reason why the Kansas City Chiefs are three-time Super Bowl champions.

I'm sure Danielle Hunter is going to have a market in free agency. Ironically, divisional rival, Los Angeles Rams, will probably be one of those teams considered in the mix. Ultimately, for Seattle, it doesn't make sense given the current situation they are in.