3 players Seattle Seahawks could trade during draft season

These three could potentially help Seattle grab a young player at a position of need.
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There are less than two weeks before the 2024 NFL draft begins. That likely means there could be a lot of rumors and trades for football fans to read about as teams try to move up in the draft to take a player they want. The Seattle Seahawks could be one of those teams.

Since 2010, Seattle under former head coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider have not been a team that traded up. Carroll is no longer in charge, though, so Schneider might want to do things differently. This possibly means even trying to grab a quarterback early.

Seattle does not have a lot of trade-worthy players, especially veterans. Cornerback Devon Witherspoon is probably one player is completely off-limits, but others might not be if the price is right. Here are three players who could be moved before or during the NFL draft.

Three players Seattle Seahawks could trade before or during the 2024 NFL draft

Seattle could trade quarterback Geno Smith before the draft

There is no real need to trade Geno Smith as with Smith the Seahawks have two quarterbacks on the roster with starting experience. But there could be a reason to move Smith and that is if general manager John Schneider truly wants to take a quarterback in the first draft with which he has full roster control with the Seahawks. Seattle is not likely to keep three quarterbacks on the active 53-man roster so if Schneider wants to take a QB early, he might need to move on from one the team currently has.

A trade of Smith is not going to bring a first-round choice back because Smith is 33 years old, but a quarterback-needy team such as the Las Vegas Raiders might be willing to part with their second-round selection. This would give Seattle the number 44 choice overall and Seattle needs to somehow get a second-round pick this year. Seattle could then make Sam Howell the starter.

That means if a quarterback such as Bo Nix or Michael Penix, Jr. is available at pick 16, Schneider could choose them. The Seahawks should still be able to get a decent offensive lineman or linebacker at pick 44. Trading Smith would open up a roster spot for a quarterback and still allow there to be one at a position that needs greater depth.

Seattle could trade right tackle Abe Lucas for a late-round pick before the draft

Lucas has two years left on his contract, but he could miss a lot of that time with a troublesome knee that has already required two surgeries. Lucas did not play from Weeks 2 through 13 in 2023 and when he did return he had to often be rotated out in order to rest his knee. That is certainly not a long-term solution for an offensive line that needs to build cohesion among five regular players.

Of course, Lucas might stay healthy and productive, but that seems unlikely based on his recent history. Seattle already has his fill-in on the roster with George Fant. Lucas is not going to bring much back in a trade because of his injury history, but a late-round choice would at least allow the Seahawks a chance to add depth. Seattle could then take a player such as Troy Fautanu in the first round but instead of putting him at guard, Fautanu could start at right guard with Fant there for depth.

Seahawks could package wide receiver DK Metcalf in a trade to move up during the draft

There should likely be a disclaimer here that I do not want DK Metcalf to be traded and that he is a fantastic player who is now clearly Seattle's best receiver. But he is also one of the few players that would bring much back in return in a trade. Trading Metcalf means Schneider is admitting to a bit more of a rebuild than simply changing the coaching staff, but as new head coach Mike Macdonald was signed to a six-year contract, there is no need to rush a rebuild either.

Schneider could really like a quarterback in this draft and attempt to move up to the Los Angeles Chargers pick at number five. The first three teams in the draft - the Chicago Bears, Washington Commanders, and New England Patriots - are all probably going to take a quarterback, but there are as many as five potentially high-end QBs in this draft.

The Chargers do not need a quarterback and neither do the Arizona Cardinals at pick four. Seattle could move Metcalf to the Chargers as well as the number 16 choice and maybe another pick. Los Angeles has created quite a bit of cap space and could afford Metcalf. Seattle could then take a quarterback at pick five while saving nearly $10 million. (Again, this is just an idea and not for want of Metcalf to be traded.)

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