Podcast: A full preview of Seahawks vs 49ers Week 14

Join us with guest Andrew Bailie for a full preview of the Seahawks and 49ers second matchup of the year.
Steph Chambers/GettyImages

The Seattle Seahawks are back after their mini-break in Week 14 to take on the San Francisco 49ers. This will certainly be a daunting task for Seattle as they have fallen to 6-6 while the 49ers are ascending and are 9-3. Plus, just two weeks ago, the 49ers smashed the Seahawks 31-13.

There might be some hope, however. Seattle's offense was much better in Week 13 against a good Dallas Cowboys defense. Or maybe Dallas simply was overrated and the Seahawks exposed them for who they truly were instead of Seattle's offense actually being fixed. Let's be positive and hope that the Seahawks offense, at least, is ready to play San Francisco.

We discuss several life-changing subjects on this week's podcast (OK, we discuss lots of subjects, if none of them are life-changing). What do we think about Jamal Adams and his tweeting a photo of a Jets reporter's wife after the reporter had once again dissed Adams on X (the artist formerly known as Twitter)? Or was Adams right in what he did?

Seattle Seahawks podcast: What will happen in Week 14?

We also discuss whether Tyler Lockett should be released after 2023 due to salary cap issues. We do not want Lockett to go, but he gets really expensive for an aging receiver. Or maybe Seattle and Lockett can just rework his current deal?

We also talk about who should be the Seahawks QB1 in 2024. Should Seattle stick with Geno Smith for one more year? Or maybe Drew Lock is the answer? Or possibly neither Smith nor Lock is the answer. We discuss all on this week's podcast.

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