3 possible landing spots for Tyler Lockett in 2024 if he is a cap casualty

Seattle will be forced to make some tough roster decisions this offseason.
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The Seattle Seahawks' current cap room for the coming offseason is not sustainable. While the new cap number has not been announced yet, the number won't go up so high as to help Seattle all that much. Seattle has $4,445,973 in cap room right now, according to Spotrac, and that is not even enough to sign all the draft picks Seattle will take in the 2024 NFL draft.

The easiest way to create more cap space is to make some difficult roster cuts. Seattle releasing safeties Quandre Diggs and Jamal Adams would create quite a bit of dead cap for next year but would also open up about $17 million in cap room. Cutting tight end Will Dissly would create another $7 million.

I like Tyler Lockett a lot both as a player and a person. But he is also an aging receiver who relies on quickness to get open. Whether he has lost half a step or not, this season Lockett did have his lowest number of receiving yards, touchdowns, and worst catch rate since 2017. Lockett also has a cap hit of an immense $26,795,000 in 2024. If he were released that would save the team $7 million. But where would Lockett go?

Tyler Lockett could end up with the New England Patriots

New England needs a lot of work offensively. They need a new long-term QB1, more young running backs, they must rebuild their offensive line, and they need about three receivers. The good thing for the Patriots is that they have good draft capital and a lot of cap room (fifth-most in the NFL with $72,702,788). They can draft a quarterback with the third pick in the draft and then have enough room to sign a couple of good receivers.

Lockett would be a great pick up for the Patriots because he would be a veteran voice for the young quarterback and has the ability to play in the slot and outside. While New England does need bigger receivers, such as DK Metcalf, who can fight for balls deep down the field, they also need a high-end receiver like Lockett who can expose opposing defenses in the middle of the field.

Lockett could leave for New England and not take much of a pay cut. He isn't going to earn close to $20 million, but if he signs for $10 million while Seattle would still be paying him $7 million then Lockett isn't going to be poor. I certainly don't want to see Lockett play elsewhere, but if he does leave at least he would be going to a situation that is good for both his new team and him personally.