3 possible landing spots for Tyler Lockett in 2024 if he is a cap casualty

Seattle will be forced to make some tough roster decisions this offseason.

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The Houston Texans might be a great fit for Tyler Lockett

The Texans, like the Patriots, have a ton of cap room, but Houston might be the perfect destination for Lockett. Houston already has the long-term quarterback with C.J. Stroud so the Texans won't be starting over like the Patriots. Houston also has a good young receiver with Nico Collins. Lockett would be going to a team where he would be helping a young quarterback, but he also wouldn't be the only receiver who could be productive.

Plus, Houston at this point seems more ready to consistently make deep runs in the playoffs. The Texans went 10-7 with a first-year head coach and a rookie quarterback. They will be better in 2024 and likely in years beyond that as well. Head coach DeMeco Ryans is a fantastic defensive coach so the team won't have issues on that side of the ball. But the Texans offense is only going to get better.

I hope, of course, that the Seahawks are able to find a way to finish better than 9-8 in 2024, but few teams are in the excellent position the Texans are with a young coach, a young quarterback, and a team already good enough to make the playoffs and still with a lot of cap room and the young quarterback on a rookie deal for the next four seasons, most likely.

Why wouldn't Tyler Lockett want to go play in Houston? The warm weather would be nice, the team is going and going to likely get better, and Houston can pay Lockett top-dollar.

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