Three potential Day 1 trades for the Seattle Seahawks in the 2024 NFL Draft

With no pick in the second round, the Seattle Seahawks might be looking to work the telephone lines in the 2024 NFL Draft.
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Seattle Seahawks proposed trade No. 1

The first trade would be with a partner whom Seattle has been very familiar with over the last two seasons, the Denver Broncos. While Denver is also in the quarterback market, it wouldn't be the worst idea for them to accumulate more picks in an attempt to fill out a roster with a lot of holes.

Seahawks trade # 1

In this scenario, they swap first and fourth-round picks with the Seahawks adding their second-round pick in next year's draft. For Seattle, the obvious target is QB Michael Penix Jr. By trading up to pick number 12, they move in front of the Raiders, who have also been linked to the former Huskies quarterback. Besides the Washington connection with new offensive coordinator Ryan Grubb, the overall fit is perfect.

The argument can be made that Michael Penix Jr. is the best pure passer in this draft class, and that says a lot given the talent at the quarterback position. Penix can make almost any throw with accuracy and velocity. Not to mention the beautiful deep ball that. His comparison has been Tua Tagovailoa.

It is a fair one at that, given they are both lefties and have had injury concerns. But, when looking at Tua's time in Miami, in particular with Mike McDaniel, he has been putting up elite numbers. If Penix is like him in the sense he needs to be surrounded by great players to play great, that will not be a problem in Seattle given the offense they have built.