Three potential Day 1 trades for the Seattle Seahawks in the 2024 NFL Draft

With no pick in the second round, the Seattle Seahawks might be looking to work the telephone lines in the 2024 NFL Draft.
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Seattle Seahawks proposed trade No. 2

If Seattle was satisfied with its current quarterback room and not willing to invest future picks in moving up for Michael Penix Jr., they will certainly have other suitors who want to trade with them. Sitting right in the middle of the first round and depending on how the draft goes, the Seahawks may have plenty of options to trade down.

Seahawks trade # 2

After moving off Stefon Diggs and losing Gabe Davis in free agency, the Buffalo Bills have an immediate need at the wide receiver position. While they could stay put at 28 and select the likes of Troy Franklin, in this situation, they have their eyes on a guy who either slid or wants to move ahead of other WR-needy teams and pick Brian Thomas Jr. Another option for Buffalo would be adding a cornerback, potentially Cooper DeJean or Quinyon Mitchell.

For Seattle, they get a 2nd round selection, which they currently do not have due to the Leonard Williams trade. Sliding down 12 picks, they will be presented with numerous options. They have placed a heavy emphasis on addressing the interior of the offensive line. With the 28th pick, maybe they add Graham Barton or Jackson Powers-Johnson.

The alternative could be addressing the defensive side. Late in the first round, Jer'Zhan Newton might be available to help reinforce the interior of the defensive line. They could even select an edge rusher or linebacker. Outside of the offensive line, I'd be surprised to see Seattle use this pick on any other offensive skill position.