5 potential free agents Seattle Seahawks could sign to improve their frail defense

Seattle must revamp its defense to make the future better.
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Seahawks should bring in linebacker Lavonte David

Let us assume that Seattle re-signs Bobby Wagner to something like $7 million, but Jordyn Brooks walks in free agency (though I hope that does not happen). That would leave Seattle with only one proven linebacker in 2024 and an aging one at that. Wagner will be 34 years old next season. Why sign David who will also be 34 years old next year, too?

The answer is easy. While Wagner and David are not long-term solutions at linebacker for Seattle, the pairing would form one of the best off-ball linebacker duos in the league. Maybe that only happens for one season, but at least Seattle will have zero concerns about that position group in 2024.

Plus, David is one of the best coverage linebackers ever, along with being great against the run, so he would singularly remedy a problem the Seahawks have had for years: Poor linebacker coverage. David will likely stick with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but wherever he signs he is not going to be expensive.

Seattle should go after edge rusher Danielle Hunter

Hunter is a versatile edge rusher who could also play some defensive end if needed. That means he could play in either a 3-4 or 4-3 front and be highly successful. As the Seahawks like to change up their fronts a bit, though they have gone more with a 4-3 of late, Hunter could be a three-down impactful player no matter what scheme Seattle is trying to run.

Hunter is also a metronome of pass rush consistency. He has double-digit sacks every season he has been healthy since 2018. He also mostly stays healthy as he has not missed a game since 2016 except the 10 he missed in 2021. Hunter also has a league-leading 21 tackles for loss this year. Per Pro Football Focus (subscription required), Hunter is projected to get a contract of three years and $65 million. That's a lot, but Hunter has proven to be worth it.