Potential Seahawks pick gives perfect reason for not attending NFL draft

Seattle currently holds the number 16 pick in the NFL draft.
Alika Jenner/GettyImages

Attending NFL drafts can be a weird experience for assumed impending draft selections. One either looks fine or like a completely lost dog. Take Will Levis in the 2023 NFL draft who waited and waited to be chosen in the first round and then wasn't. He appeared embarrassed as he should have and through no fault of his own. Of the 13 players currently slated to attend the 2024 draft, very few of them are expecting to be chosen by the Seattle Seahawks.

The players most mocked to be taken by Seattle this offseason will not be attending the draft at all. That player is University of Washington offensive lineman Troy Fautanu. Fautanu could be chosen well before pick 16, either. He simply does not want to come to the draft, however, and he has an excellent reason.

The player was interviewed last week on Seattle Sports 710 AM's Brock and Salk show (and if you haven't heard the interview, you should; Fautanu sounds exactly like what Seahawks fans would want in the way he handles himself as a person and a player) and he was point blank about why he doesn't want to be at the draft. Getting picked is a once-in-a-lifetime event and he doesn't want to be around only a few friends and family. He wants to share the moment with all of his family.

Troy Fautanu is likely the perfect pick for the Seattle Seahawks in the 2024 NFL draft

Fautanu said, "I'm Polynesian. For me, it just made sense to be at home with all the people that I love." If 12s didn't already hope Seattle chose the Washington lineman, they should now.

He is the kind of person who understands that playing football is a way to earn generational wealth, but he also prioritizes the more important things in life. And yes, there are more important things in life than football. Fautanu's understanding of that shows he thinks logically and is even-keeled. He might not play like that on the field as he is a ferocious blocker, but he knows he needs to work hard and succeed in order to help his family get what they need.

There is no more dangerous player than one who stays hungry to win. A player who puts family first means he is going to do what he can to provide for them and for Fautanu, that means being great at football. He also knows someone is going to pay him a lot of money to begin his career, but earning the second contract means more money and more possibilities.

The Seahawks need to be the team that takes Fautanu. He played college in Seattle, he understands the city and the culture, and Seattle needs talent along its offensive line. If Fautanu is available at pick 16, Seattle should not trade back; they should choose the player from Washington. He likely will be a great player for the franchise for a decade and a better person in the community.

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