3 potential Seattle Seahawks cap casualties after hiring Mike Macdonald

These players might need to be let go to make room for others.
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No. 2 - QB Geno Smith

The recent departure of Pete Carroll as the revered head coach of the Seattle Seahawks has sent ripples of uncertainty through the franchise, creating a landscape ripe for transformation. As the NFL coaching carousel spins, each new head coach brings with them a unique vision, often leading to a reshuffling of the roster to align with their preferred personnel. One player finding themselves in the spotlight of this transitional phase is quarterback Geno Smith.

For years, Pete Carroll's tenure in Seattle was synonymous with a distinct brand of football, characterized by a formidable defense and a strong ground game. However, the winds of change blew through the Pacific Northwest with Carroll's departure, leaving fans and analysts alike pondering the fate of certain players, including Geno Smith.

Geno Smith, a seasoned quarterback, has played a pivotal role for the past few years in Seattle, both as a backup and as a starter. Yet, with a new head coach set to take the reins, the quarterback position becomes a focal point of speculation. Will the incoming coaching staff have different plans for the quarterback room, potentially favoring a different style or skill set?

It's not uncommon for a new head coach to seek a quarterback who aligns with their offensive philosophy. As Seattle anticipates the unveiling of its new coaching regime, questions abound regarding Geno Smith's future. Will he continue as a valued backup, or could the coaching transition signal a change in direction for the quarterback room?

The dynamics of coaching transitions often extend beyond the playing field to the entire organization. While loyal fans may be sentimental about certain players who have become fixtures in the Seahawks' lineup, the NFL is a league driven by results and the pursuit of excellence. As the Seahawks usher in a new era, tough decisions loom for the coaching staff and front office.

The uncertainty surrounding Geno Smith's role is just one piece of the puzzle as the Seahawks navigate this period of change. The coming months will provide a clearer picture of the team's direction under the new coaching leadership, shedding light on the fates of players who have been integral to the Seahawks' identity.