4 potential trade destinations for DK Metcalf this offseason

Seattle must create cap room and add draft picks - somehow - this offseason.

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The Seattle Seahawks have a chance to remake their roster. With a new head coach in 2024, the team is clearly one in transition. There is enough talent on the roster, however, and if Seattle does not make the playoffs next year they should the year after and be a dangerous team in 2025 as well.

Part of that process is making tough roster decisions. The team could release safeties Quandre Diggs and Jamal Adams, among others, and create cap room, but that is only good for signing free agents. Seattle needs to add draft picks as well. The team has the number 16 pick overall in the 2024 NFL draft but then not another until the third round.

I do not want the Seahawks to trade DK Metcalf. He is an effervescent and talented player. But partly because of that, and the fact he is only 26 years old, he is probably the best trade piece Seattle has in terms of bringing back high draft picks. If Seattle does trade Metcalf, here are four options.

Potential Seattle Seahawks and DK Metcalf trade destination No. 1 - New England Patriots

Projected 2024 cap space (top 51): $69,866,052
Projected 2025 cap space: $257,317,465
Highest 2024 NFL draft picks: First round, pick 3; second round, pick 34 overall

The Patriots can basically do anything they want this offseason. They were awful in 2023 which actually helps them be better - and fairly quickly - in the future. Not only are the Patriots awash in cap room, but they have high draft capital as well. Maybe Pats Nation wants the team to get a quarterback high in the 2024 draft, but that quarterback would also have no options to work with. Heck, give Bailey Zappe a receiver or two to throw to and maybe he looks fine.

As much as the Patriots need a quarterback, they need a great receiver. Metcalf might love to play for Seattle, but his numbers would increase in New England because he would indisputably be the number one target for any Patriots quarterback. New England can easily afford him as well. But what is in the deal for the Seahawks?

For one, Seattle should be able to get the Patriots high first-round choice. That means the Seahawks would have two top-16 NFL draft picks and if they wanted to take their future quarterback and also help remake the defense they could (assuming the picks work out). Secondly, and much less importantly, removing Metcalf means more targets for Jaxon Smith-Njigba in 2024.

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