4 potential trade destinations for DK Metcalf this offseason

Seattle must create cap room and add draft picks - somehow - this offseason.

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Potential DK Metcalf trade destination No. 3 - Kansas City Chiefs

Projected 2024 cap space (top 51): $22,631,625
Projected 2025 cap space: $118,136,090
Highest 2024 NFL draft picks: First round, pick 32, second round, pick 64 overall

The already ultra-rich getting even richer? Why not? Especially when Patrick Mahomes is under contract for the next century and the Chiefs will need better receivers than they had this year and will have to replace tight end Travis Kelce's production sooner than later. And Chiefs fans can drool (and likely Metcalf can as well) over the potential he would have to play with a quarterback like Mahomes and a coach such as Andy Reid.

There would be no discussion of how to get the most out of Metcalf's talents. Reid would find a way. Mahomes would also make sure any plan is implemented and executed to perfection. The best season Metcalf has had so far is 1,303 receiving yards in 2020. His most receiving touchdowns were 12 in 2021. These numbers would likely be the baseline of normal for Metcalf in KC.

But what we care about is what the Seahawks would get out of dealing Metcalf to KC. Seattle would definitely need to get the Chiefs' first-round pick in the 2024 draft. Getting KC's second-round selection would be great as well, but it's the last pick of the round. Maybe Seattle could get the Chiefs first-round picks in both 2024 and 2025.