4 potential trade destinations for Geno Smith this offseason

Trading Smith opens up a spot for a rookie quarterback, should Macdonald and Schneider want to go in that direction.

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Potential Geno Smith trade destination No. 4 - Minnesota Vikings

Projected 2024 cap space (top 51): $28,068,007
Projected 2025 cap space: $147,629,202
Highest 2024 NFL draft picks: First round, pick 11; second round, pick 42; fourth round, pick 109

This one gets a little tricky because what the Vikings try to do with free-agent quarterback Kirk Cousins is going to help make decisions for Minnesota, Atlanta, and other teams. Cousins is a good quarterback who has faltered at times in the postseason. He is also a couple of years older than Smith and Cousins is coming off of an Achilles tear he suffered midway through 2023. He should be back to play by Week 1 of next season but will he be fully healthy and able to move around as well?

Cousins is likely to be a lot more expensive than Smith would be as well. At most, Smith would cost the Vikings close to $20 million. Cousins will probably make at least $35 million in 2024. Is Cousins $15 million better than Geno Smith? No. Minnesota can create the cap room for either quarterback (and already has enough for Smith), but adding Smith means the Vikings will have enough left over to sign other quality free agents.

Minnesota could decide to choose a quarterback at pick 11 in the first round. That still would not rule out an acquisition of Smith. Geno Smith could be QB1 in 2024 and let whoever the Vikings take in the 2024 NFL draft learn for a year. Smith's contract is structured so if Minnesota did release Smith after 2024 the Vikings would not lose much. Seattle would need to get Minnesota's second-round choice, however.

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