3 potential trade targets the Seattle Seahawks should entertain going after

Seattle could find defensive line help by making a move for one of the three players that follow.
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The Seattle Seahawks are 3-1 heading into Week 6. The team has a depth of talent at running back, wide receiver, and at cornerback. But while the defensive line has been very good against the run, the unit is also thin so one key injury could be extremely disruptive.

The NFL trade deadline is on October 31. Teams will have most of half a season to decide whether they are going to be winners or losers this year. Some of those teams might be looking to rebuild.

While Seattle, or most any other team, would have to create cap room if trading for the players that follow, as cap space is malleable, the Seahawks could make room somehow. So assuming that, if Seattle was going to trade for a player or two, who should they go after? Maybe one of the three that follows.

Seattle could try to get Danielle Hunter from the Minnesota Vikings

I still think Seattle needs defensive line help. The run defense has clearly been better and Jarran Reed, for one, is supplying some very good interior pass rush. But Seattle's defensive line is still really thin, especially at guys who can get to opposing quarterbacks. Rookie Cam Young seems promising, but he's also much more of a run-stopper at this point. Mario Edwards has been good this year but over the course of his career, he has been better against the run than the pass.

It feels like Hunter has been around for about 30 years, but he is still almost 29 years old (he turns 29 on October 29). This year he already has 6 sacks and a league-leading 9 tackles for loss. He's on pace to overall have one of his best seasons (if not the best) and Minnesota might be in sell-now mode soon. That doesn't mean sell-out, though, so the Vikings are going to want something good in return.

Minnesota has a huge issue at cornerback currently. They have no CBs graded higher than 39, per PFF, and the second-highest is 69. They aren't good. But Seattle has a decent amount of corners. The Seahawks aren't going to trade Riq Woolen or Devon Witherspoon, of course, but maybe moving Tre Brown to Minnesota along with a second-round pick could be enough? Hunter is a free agent after this year so no NFL is likely to offer Minnesota too much simply because there's a chance they could sign Hunter next offseason.