3 potential trade targets the Seattle Seahawks should entertain going after

Seattle could find defensive line help by making a move for one of the three players that follow.
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Seattle Seahawks could trade with the New York Giants for Leonard Williams

Williams is still only 29 years old and while he hasn't produced the kind of raw sack numbers in the last couple of seasons, he is still very capable of supplying interior pass rush. Through five games, Williams has 11 total pressures, including 7 hurries. Pro Football Focus (subscription required) has given him a pass-rushing grade of 90.0 so far this year which is elite.

Plus, Williams is much more than a pass rusher. The 6'5" and 300-pound defensive tackle, who is also capable of playing nose guard, graded well in run defense in 2022 and every season prior as well. In 2020, PFF gave Williams an elite run defense grade of 82.6. Last season, Williams had 33 total QB pressures as well as 23 run stuffs. He can play both the run and the pass.

Williams takes a slightly overperforming Seahawks 2023 defensive line from something pretty good and moves them into something pretty great. When healthy, Seattle's secondary is elite. Riq Woolen hasn't even been able to show how good he will be this year due to getting hurt, but Devon Witherspoon is now rounding into the kind of player that Seattle thought they would get with the number 5 overall choice in 2023.

The reason I point Woolen and Witherspoon out is that no secondary is going to reach maximum excellence if they do not have a successful pass rush in front of them. Seattle did get 11 sacks in Week 4 against the New York Giants but the Giants stink! Seattle hasn't proven it can have a consistently good pass rush yet, but Williams will help fix that concern as well as helping against the run.

So what would Seattle have to give up to get Williams? Possibly left guard Damien Lewis and a relatively high draft pick. I like Lewis and don't want to give him up, but Seattle can happily get by with sliding Evan Brown over to left guard and having Olu Oluwatimi play center. Oluwatimi is the future at center either way.