Predicting the outcome of every Seattle Seahawks game in 2024

Will the Seahawks make the playoffs in 2024?
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The Seattle Seahawks now know their schedule for the 2024 season. This means, obviously, 12s do as well. Their personal schedule as well as the team. Now that a Seahawks fan knows the schedule they know which dates to tell their friends they won't be available for parties.

Unless that happens to be a Super Bowl party, of course, and then everybody can join in. Seahawks versus who? Who cares? Just happy to be a part of the big game is the hope, of course. And why should 12s not hope? A new head coach and a new direction were made in hopes of making 2024 better as well as the future.

But what should 12s expect from each game of the 2024 season? Should Seattle make the playoffs in Macdonald's first season? That might be a reach but there is certainly talent on the roster and Macdonald should make the defense better. New offensive coordinator Ryan Grubb can hopefully do the same with the offense. Here is are some game-by-game predictions for Seattle.

Game-by-game predictions for the Seattle Seahawks 2024 schedule

Denver Broncos - Week 1

Forget Russell Wilson as he is no longer with the Broncos. Wouldn't it be fun to defeat Sean Payton who simply seems really full of himself? Plus, Denver should not have a quarterback good enough to beat Macdonald. Seattle wins 23-10.

At the New England Patriots - Week 2

Who knows what the Patriots are going to be like in 2024? They replaced Bill Belichick this offseason with a coach in the person of Jerod Mayo who had it written into his contract that he would be Belichick's replacement. That doesn't scream confidence. Plus, the Patriots should still be figuring things out on offense and their defense might not be as good.

That is what makes this game scary. Seattle should win as they have more talent. New England also hasn't been very good in a few years. This one just seems closer than it should but Seattle wins 17-16.