Predicting the outcome of every Seattle Seahawks game in 2024

Will the Seahawks make the playoffs in 2024?
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Weeks 3 through 6

Miami Dolphins - Week 3

Miami has a terrifically talented offense but in the last couple of years, they have backed down against a team that had a bullish defense. The Dolphins seem all finesse and no real power. Mike Macdonald should know how to prepare his defense, especially if Seattle completely buys into Macdonald's defensive philosophy, against what Miami wants to do and Geno Smith and Seattle's offense should be able to outscore Miami. Seattle wins 31-24.

At the Detroit Lions - Week 4 (Monday Night Football)

This should be an amazing matchup as the game features two coaches that Seattle entertained being replacements for Pete Carroll. Of course, Seattle chose Mike Macdonald as Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson must have been a horrible interview wherever he was, well...interviewed. The Lions are a very good team overall, but Seattle has gotten big wins against them in the last two seasons. It feels like Detroit is due, though. The Lions win 35-21.

New York Giants - Week 5

Could this potentially be a Drew Lock revenge game against the Seahawks? Not that he has a real reason to want to get revenge as he was treated well in Seattle; Geno Smith was just better. Maybe this is a Leonard Williams revenge game? Either way, Seattle should be the more talented team. The Seahawks win 23-16.

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San Francisco 49ers - Week 6 (Thursday Night Football)

Seattle won 15 of 17 games against the 49ers between 2014 and 2021, but the 49ers were not overly good for a lot of that time either. Between 2016 and 2018, San Francisco only won 12 games, for instance. After making the Super Bowl for the 2019 season, the 49ers then won only six games in 2020. The point is that the 49ers are now on a different plateau and they have shown that by winning five straight against Seattle and none of those games have been very close.

Is Seattle good enough to beat the 49ers in 2024 simply because they changed coaches? That is debatable. Geno Smith has not been the problem either; remember that Drew Lock started one of the 2023 games against the 49ers while Smith was hurt. San Francisco has just been better on both sides of the ball and will still be this coming season, but maybe not in 2025. San Francisco wins 31-20.