Predicting the outcome of every Seattle Seahawks game in 2024

Will the Seahawks make the playoffs in 2024?
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Weeks 7 through 10

At the Atlanta Falcons - Week 7

The Falcons should be a better team in 2024 than they have been over the last several years. In the NFC South, a team does not have to improve too much to get into the playoffs as the NFC South is filled with a bunch of mediocre teams. That said, while the Falcons seemingly had no clue what to do in the 2024 draft, they signed quarterback Kirk Cousins and his experience is going to make the offense much better.

Seattle has had better success playing in Atlanta than playing the Falcons at Lumen Field recently. The Seahawks have won two straight in Atlanta but lost to the Falcons in Seattle the last two times. Good thing this game is being hosted by the Falcons. Seattle wins 38-31.

Buffalo Bills - Week 8

Buffalo still has Josh Allen at quarterback but his best receiver left this offseason. The negative part for Seattle is the Bills have a very good defense and likely a healthier one than they had late in 2023. At least the game is at Lumen Field and Seattle will not be dealing with potential bad weather in Buffalo. Still, Seattle gets a surprise victory 20-17.

Los Angeles Rams - Week 9

Those dreaded Rams! Over the last decade, even when the Rams have not been overly good they still give Seattle fits. Since the beginning of 2015, LA is 13-6 against Seattle and that is true even though the Seahawks were overall the better team at the beginning of that run. Sean McVay just became a horrible matchup for Pete Carroll and the hope is that Mike Macdonald can reverse that trend.

To be fair, he should. Macdonald is young enough to have learned how to coach defenses that were adapting to McVay's kinds of offenses. That was not the case with Carroll. Macdonald was partly hired because he should be the defensive equal to McVay and 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan's offense. A win at home against the Rams would be a massive statement win for Macdonald and the Seahawks will get it 21-17.

Week 10 - Bye! Take a deep breath...