Predicting the Seattle Seahawks last six games of the 2023 season

Will Seattle still be able to make a push for the playoffs?

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Week 15 - Seattle hosts the Philadelphia Eagles at Lumen Field

The Eagles almost - almost - showed they were mortal against the Buffalo Bills in Week 12. Philadelphia could not get much going running the ball and was struggling to stop Bills quarterback Josh Allen from rushing productively. Allen did finish with four touchdowns total, but the Eagles got a lot better in the fourth quarter.

The Eagles are excellent at in-game adjustments, something Seattle struggles with. With Philadelphia struggling to run, they tried something new and began to run to the left side with some zone blocking. They finished with 185 yards on the ground, and the Eagles outscored the Bills 23-10 in the fourth quarter and overtime combined. I bring all this up because the Bills are better than Seattle so the Eagles are going to have an easier time against the Seahawks.

Prediction: Eagles 37 Seahawks 21
Seahawks record: 6-8

Week 16 - The Seahawks travel to Nashville to play the Tennessee Titans

Finally, Seattle plays a team that isn't one of the five best in the NFL. This game gets a little tricky, though, because Seattle has to travel on Christmas Eve almost fully across the country. Still, unless Seattle has suffered a horrible injury or three, the Seahawks should be good enough to beat the Titans.

Tennessee is currently 27th in points per game (16.8) and their quarterbacks have combined for 9 touchdown passes - third-worst in the league - and 8 interceptions. Tennessee has also allowed the fifth-most sacks in the NFL. As long as the Seahawks can get an early lead and force the Titans to throw, Seattle should escape Nashville with a victory.

Prediction: Seahawks 23 Titans 17
Seahawks record: 7-8