Proposed trade has DK Metcalf leaving Seahawks for a new dynasty

Metcalf is unlikely to go anywhere, though.
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DK Metcalf leaving the Seattle Seahawks? Say it ain't so. Metcalf has become the team's best receiver and should continue in that role for several more years. Plus, Metcalf very well might have his best season ever in 2024 under the new offensive direction of Ryan Grubb.

And no. There should be no argument that Metcalf is not the alpha of the Seattle wide receiver room anymore. In 2023, he led the team in receiving yards (by more than 200 yards), receiving touchdowns (three more than anyone else), and yards per reception (his average was 4 yards better per catch than second-best Noah Fant). Tyler Lockett is still good and Jaxon Smith-Njigba is a comer, but Metcalf is Seattle's best and most productive receiver.

So why would general manager John Schneider entertain a trade of Metcalf? This is especially the case at this point in the year. Trading Metcalf before the draft shouldn't have happened either, but at least Seattle could have turned around and used the draft picks immediately.

Seahawks trading DK Metcalf to the Kansas City Chiefs seems illogical

That does not stop Arrowhead Addict's Lyle Graversen from putting forth a proposed trade of Metcalf going to play with Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. Graversen argues that the move would be good for the Seahawks because Seattle is tight against the cap and the move would save the team a lot of money. The issue is that Graversen assumes, like many might, that John Schneider is worried about where the team is in terms of cap space. Schneider likely is not.

There are several problems with Graversen's thinking. To be fair, he comes from a pro-Chiefs position and that is his job. He wants what is best for Kansas City and adding Metcalf would be excellent for KC. That does not make a trade realistic, though.

For one, Schneider is not going to do anything with players he believes will help the team and the culture of the team because he is worried about cap space. Schneider does not operate that way. Sure, Seattle released safeties Quandre Diggs and Jamal Adams this offseason and that did save the team a lot of money, but if Schneider thinks Diggs or Adams were going to be irreplaceable, he would not have decided to release them. Metcalf is irreplaceable.

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One important part that Graversen ignores is that cap space is malleable. Seattle could easily create more space this year by moving some base salary into a signing bonus. This might even happen with Metcalf and the team could save millions. Sure, Seattle is in a rough spot with next year's cap but there is a lot that is going to happen before then. Seattle could release players such as Tyler Lockett and Geno Smith in 2025 and the team would be $25 million in the clear.

The final issue is that Graversen offers no information on what the Seahawks would potentially get back from the Chiefs. Why move Metcalf to KC if Seattle doesn't know they are going to recoup several draft picks? Plus, the Chiefs are likely to pick so low in the first round that their high picks don't give Seattle that much. In other words, DK Metcalf is going to stay with the Seahawks and will not be going to the Kansas City Chiefs.

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