5 QBs who could be Seahawks Week 1 starter in 2024 with Geno Smith struggling

Seattle could look to sign a veteran as a bridge to the team's next long-term quarterback or they could find a QB in the 2024 NFL draft that would start immediately.
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Bo Nix
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2. Oregon QB Bo Nix

I saw quite a bit of Bo Nix when he played at Auburn and I thought the chances of him becoming a good quarterback were remote. He seemed to make bad decisions about where the throw the ball and had too many turnovers. He clearly wasn't being well-coached at Auburn, however, and the school not only fired its head coach but Nix transferred to Oregon.

Since transferring to Oregon he has proven a few things. One is that he is physically capable of doing things on a football field with both his arm and legs. The other is that he will take the direction of coaching and apply that toward being a good player.

Nix does still have a bit of bad rap of not being the smartest quarterback when he is under pressure. The question could be asked about whether he is as bad as he was at Auburn or as good as he is at Oregon. Oregon has a fantastic offensive scheme where many quarterbacks could succeed and the Ducks are simply better than most of their other conference opponents.

Does the Oregon offensive scheme augment Bo Nix or does Bo Nix augment the scheme? That is very likely the question NFL teams are asking ahead of being able to draft Nix in 2024. But he does have good arm strength and excellent athleticism and that would be a good fit for the Seahawks system.