Quandre Diggs' possible April Fools' joke could prove to be unintentional prophecy

The Seahawks released the safety in March.

Ryan Kang/GettyImages

To help create more cap space, the Seattle Seahawks released some formerly important players. The list included Will Dissly, Jamal Adams, and Quandre Diggs. Diggs was a defensive captain in 2023 and was a Pro Bowler between 2020 and 2022, but he was not as productive in 2023. He also was a very expensive player.

Letting the safety go saved the team $11 million which was far too much to pass up on a player who is now past 30 years old and plays a position that requires high-end speed. Still, Diggs was a good leader in the locker room and there is always a chance he could rebound somewhat to his pre-2023 level. Retirement is an option for him, of course, as he likely can afford it financially, but he is also young enough to keep playing and helping a team.

Diggs, though, appears to have played an April Fools' joke (maybe?) by posting an homage to Marshawn Lynch on X/Twitter as Diggs was likely jokingly implying he was retiring. When Lynch retired, he posted a pair of neon green shoes hanging from a wire. Diggs did the same with a caption that read, "I break my own news."

Former Seattle Seahawks safety Quandre Diggs seems to be playing an April Fools joke

While Diggs does like breaking news, and when he does decide to retire he would probably be a fantastic commentator either in a TV studio or during games themselves, but one can probably assume he is not truly retiring. The question is whether he might be forced into retirement if another team doesn't try to sign him as a free agent. Surely, some team, though, and maybe even the Seahawks, will sign Diggs because he wasn't so bad in 2023 as to never play again.

He is already getting paid $10 million by Seattle in 2024 so whoever does sign him may not have to pay that much. His situation is a bit like Russell Wilson's in that the Pittsburgh Steelers were able to sign Wilson for only a little over a million dollars because he is getting paid much more by the Denver Broncos for not playing for them. While Diggs is making far less for the remainder of his Seattle contract, the principle is the same and teams are not going to overpay for the safety.

Or potentially Diggs will have to retire if he is not offered a contract. This is not completely fair to the player, though. He is worthy of playing somewhere next season.

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