5 quarterback options should Seattle Seahawks want to move on from Geno Smith

Should Seattle release Smith, they have other options.
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No. 3 - Seahawks could sign Tyler Huntley

Some of the same bits that hold true of McCarthy would also hold true of Huntley. Huntley has been the backup quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens since he entered the league in 2020 and he has started nine games combined over the last three years. He also oddly was given a Pro Bowl nod in 2022 after Lamar Jackson could not participate and other quarterbacks were unavailable. But the nod for the Pro Bowl also might be more important than it seems.

Huntley made the Pro Bowl because NFL players decided he was worthy of doing so. He only started four games in 2022 so the nod means that he was extremely well-respected by his fellow players. If Huntley were to come to the Seahawks, he would likely have immediate cred in the Seattle locker room. Plus, he would understand how Macdonald runs his defenses and what Macdonald needs from a quarterback.

Huntley is not a bad player either. He would likely start on a number of teams. He is just never going to get the chance with the Ravens because of Lamar Jackson. He can be a fairly accurate passer (he has a career completion percentage of 64.6 in 342 passes) and he can use his legs to pick up yards as well. In 115 career rushing attempts, he has 509 yards (4.4 yards per carry) and 3 touchdowns.

Huntley would also not be expensive to sign. Not all of the $17 million saved by releasing Smith would need to go toward signing Huntley. He might only cost a team $10 million at the very most.