5 quarterback options should Seattle Seahawks want to move on from Geno Smith

Should Seattle release Smith, they have other options.
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No. 5 - Seahawks could draft Bo Nix

Nix is a bit like Penix in that he changed schools halfway through his college career and his production increased immensely. Was Nix truly as good as he appeared at times or was he simply a product of a well-designed college offensive system? This same system had Nix throw short a lot and use Nix's great receivers to pick up yards. Nix had a high completion percentage at the University of Oregon in 2023 (77.4 percent) but it is easier to be accurate when you are not throwing the ball that far.

Nix has great athletic ability. There is no doubt he would be able to use his legs to get out of trouble in the NFL and even pick up yards on designed runs. He also has a strong arm so he will not have any issues throwing deep. But is Nix a winner and does he have the right mentality to make his team better than the sum of its parts?

While Oregon had an overall excellent record while Nix was there, the Ducks also lost to Washington the three times they played and Oregon got smoked in Nix's first start with Oregon in Week 1 of 2022. Maybe the losses were not all Nix's fault as he was not turning the ball over a bunch, but a winning mentality is extremely important. Nix had the kind of career at Oregon that is like a team going 14-3 in the regular season and then losing in their first playoff game.

But let's look at the positive side of Nix. He did what was asked of him once he got to Oregon and he has the physical skills to succeed in the NFL. That might even be with the Seattle Seahawks.

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