3 quarterback Seahawks could take in 2025 NFL draft after trading for Sam Howell

Seattle might not need to take a quarterback in 2024 with Geno Smith and Sam Howell on the roster.
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Seattle could draft Shedeur Sanders of Colorado

Sanders followed his famous father, Deion, from Jackson State to Colorado before last season but his production did not trail off. Sure, he is guided by his father so there is some security in that, but the level of competition greatly increased. While the Buffalos struggled mightily after a good start in 2023, Sanders was not the reason. He just had an atrocious offensive line in front of him and a terrible defense.

Sanders threw just three interceptions this past season and completed 69 percent of his throws. He was good enough to lead his team to 10 wins, but the rest of his team was not ready for that. While he doesn't have the best arm in college football, he has an accurate one and good enough athleticism to succeed in the NFL. But physical skills are not his real strength.

Sanders, possibly because Deion was not only an athletically gifted player but also because he could outthink the receiver opposite him, has an incredibly high football IQ. There is probably nothing a defense can show him that he cannot quickly adapt to. He also has enough confidence that his teammates will believe in him.

And why shouldn't they? He might not have won that many games at Colorado in 2023, but he did not lose the games. Put a decent team around him and he is going to push that team further.