3 quarterbacks Seahawks should target (and 2 they should avoid) in 2024 NFL draft

Seattle could find Geno Smith's replacement in the 2024 NFL draft.

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Avoid: Joe Milton, Tennessee

People who have not seen much of Joe Milton are going to fall in love with how far he can throw a football. With ease, Milton can throw 70 yards. The issue is that being a successful quarterback is much more than telling your receivers to go long. Plus, even if Milton's receiver is wide open 60 yards down the field, Milton is inaccurate that he might not hit the open receiver.

That is the tricky part of the Tennessee quarterback. He has the raw physical ability to do anything on the field, but the poor decision-making and inaccuracy to ruin any offense. He is also a skilled runner, but he doesn't seem to be able to make quick decisions on when to take off. He is a long-term project for an NFL team yet he is already 24 years old.

Target: J.J. McCarthy, Michigan

Like Bo Nix, McCarthy probably needs a year to sit in the league before taking over as a starting quarterback. But in comparison to Nix, McCarthy is only 21 years old and teams can afford that. While there is some question about his arm strength, probably because Michigan ran the ball so much and McCarthy did not have to showcase his skills, he proved at the NFL Combine that he has more than enough velocity to be successful.

McCarthy can also move around well. If he needs to avoid pressure, he can not only do that but he can pick up chunk yards. He resembles a young Steve Young with his athletic ability. McCarthy also plays with an offensive lineman's mentality and appears to take umbrage at someone trying to tackle him or stop his offense.