Ranking the 10 best wins in Pete Carroll's time with the Seattle Seahawks

Pete Carroll gave Seahawks fans incredible moments they will never forget.
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Pete Carroll's best: Games 8 through 6

No. 8 - September 24, 2012: Seahawks win on "Immaculate Reception"

In an early season showdown with the Packers on MNF, the Seahawks were looking to make a name for themselves as they took on NFC power Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers was in his prime back then, and the Seahawks defense would play an outstanding game against him. Keeping Rodgers from throwing a single touchdown pass, and sacking him eight times (Chris Clemons had four sacks, Brandon Mebane had two, and rookie Bruce Irvin had two) keeping the 'Hawks in the game.

The game came down to the final seconds, as Russell Wilson led the Seahawks down the field. With the ball on the Packers 24-yard line, with 0:08 left in the game, Wilson heaved up one last-second pass. Seahawks receiver Golden Tate reached up and caught the pass "simultaneously" with Packers DB MD Jennings, to win the game, in what would be called nationally, "the Fail Mary". For the Seahawks though, it was an "immaculate reception".

No. 7 - December 23, 2012: Seahawks put the 49ers on notice

The Seahawks at the time were considered to be just below the 49ers level. The Niners had won the division title the year before and were on track to win another one. The Seahawks would let them know they were coming with a powerful win over the Niners on Sunday Night Football.

Seattle's LOB defense came up big all night long with several big hits by "Bam Bam" Kam Chancellor. Richard Sherman would also add an interception. Marshawn Lynch would rush for 111 yards and a touchdown. Russell Wilson would throw for four touchdowns. As the Seahawks plastered the Niners 42-13.

No. 6 - September 15, 2013: Seahawks show they are the best in the NFC West

In the second game of the Seahawks' Super Bowl season, the 'Hawks took on the defending NFC Champion 49ers on Sunday Night Football. The LOB and the Seahawks' defense stole the show on this night. Forcing Colin Kaepernick to throw three interceptions one by each member of the LOB (Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman, and Earl Thomas). While making Niners head coach Jim Harbaugh look flustered all night long.

Marshawn Lynch would also have a big night as he rushed for 98 yards and two touchdowns. As the Seahawks powered past the Niners 29-3. The Seahawks looked like a championship team that night and showed the football world just how good they could be.