Ranking every Seattle Seahawks head coach in the history of the franchise

Seattle has had nine head coaches since their inception in 1976. Who are they and how do they rank against each other?
Mike Holmgren with the Seattle Seahawks
Mike Holmgren with the Seattle Seahawks / Focus On Sport/GettyImages
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With the Seattle Seahawks closing the chapter of the Pete Carroll era and opening a new chapter under Mike Macdonald, it's a great time to look back on the complete history of the Seahawks' head coaches. From Jack Patera in 1976 to Macdonald's hiring in 2024, nine men have had the distinct honor of being head ball coach in Seattle. Some were good, some were bad, and some were straight-up ugly.

Some coaches never got a fair shake, but did little to help the franchise. Some coaches were instrumental in lifting the Seahawks to precedented heights. However, some coaches rank beyond just their win-loss record, based on the type of culture they built and the legacy they left as coaches.

Rookie head coach Mike Macdonald will simply be an honorable mention. It's unfair to rank him among the rest as he's coached no actual game yet. However, it is worth mentioning he is the youngest coach not only in Seahawks history but is currently the youngest head coach in the NFL. Macdonald is already building the culture he wants to harbor in what hopefully will be a long and successful stint in Seattle.

Every head coaches in Seattle Seahawks, ranked

8. Jim Mora (2009)

After Mike Holmgren retired in 2008, the Seahawks promoted defensive backs coach Jim Mora to head coach for the 2009 season. Mora, who was head coach in Atlanta from 2004-2006, and assistant head coach and defensive backs coach in Seattle in 2007, only lasted one season as head coach. When Mora was hired by Seattle in 2008, he was signed to a five-year deal. However, after his first season as head coach in 2009, Mora was fired.

In his sole season as head coach, Mora only led Seattle to five wins. His 5-11 record (.313) ranks as the second-worst in Seahawks history. Mora expressed his desire to bring Seattle a Super Bowl but came well short in his quest. After Mora was fired, the Seahawks brought in Pete Carroll, further burying his short tenure in Seattle.

Mora does stay halfway relevant in the media these days following his NFL coaching career. He currently coaches the University of Connecticut Huskies. Following Seattle's 2024 draft, Mora had some nice things to say about his former player who was drafted by the Seahawks.