Ranking every Seattle Seahawks starting quarterback ever

The Seahawks have had some great, good, bad, and ugly quarterbacks over the years. Here is every starting quarterback in Seahawks history.
Geno Smith of the Seattle Seahawks
Geno Smith of the Seattle Seahawks / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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8. Trent Dilfer

Fresh off a Super Bowl win in 2000 with the Baltimore Ravens, the Seahawks signed quarterback Trent Dilfer to a one-year deal to back up Matt Hasselbeck. Considered a lower-end starter, Dilfer's deal was worth only $1 million. However, when Hasselbeck suffered a groin injury in week three of the 2001 season, Dilfer proved his worth as a backup.

Over weeks four and five, Dilfer started and won both games. Hasselbeck returned after a two-game absence, but after struggling only a month after he returned, he was benched in the second half against Washington. Dilfer played well in relief of Hasselbeck, and when Hasselbeck suffered a shoulder injury late in the season, Dilfer started the last two games of the season. Seattle won both games, and as a starter, Dilfer was 4-0 in 2001. After the season, Seattle extended Dilfer to a four-year deal.

In 2002, Dilfer was hit with several injuries, starting with an MCL injury in the preseason after being named the starter. After returning from injury and reclaiming the starting position, Dilfer once again got injured, this time tearing his Achilles, ending his 2002 campaign. In 2003, Dilfer was relegated to the backup role behind Hasselbeck and only played in limited snaps.

By 2004, Dilfer was still the backup, but started two games, winning both. At this point in his career, he was a veteran mentor for Hasselbeck who could come in and play if needed. As a starter, Dilfer was 8-4 in his career in Seattle, but his most valuable trait was his leadership and mentorship to a young Matt Hasselbeck.

7. Warren Moon

In the late 1970s, Warren Moon was the star quarterback at the University of Washington. However, Moon elected to sign with the CFL prior to the NFL Draft. Moon tore it up for six years in the CFL, earning himself a contract with the Houston Oilers in 1984, where he spent ten years building a Hall of Fame career. He spent an additional three years in Minnesota before the 1997 season when Seattle signed the 41-year-old.

Seattle took a chance on the aging quarterback amidst Rick Mirer's struggles and named Moon the starter in 1997. In his first season in Seattle, Moon was named to the Pro Bowl after he started 14 games and threw for 3,678 yards for 25 touchdowns. Seattle went 8-8 that year, and Moon went 7-7 in the 14 games he started.

In 1998, while Moon was 42, he started 10 more games for Seattle. His production dropped significantly, throwing for only 1,632 yards and 11 touchdowns. Moon went 4-6 in his starts. While Moon was a bonafide NFL legend, Seattle caught him at the very tail end of his career. Moon did provide some solid quarterback play in 1997, but it really did nothing to further the team. In total, Moon went 11-13 as a Seahawks starter.