Ranking every Seattle Seahawks starting quarterback ever

The Seahawks have had some great, good, bad, and ugly quarterbacks over the years. Here is every starting quarterback in Seahawks history.
Geno Smith of the Seattle Seahawks
Geno Smith of the Seattle Seahawks / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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3. Dave Krieg

An undrafted free agent in 1980, Dave Krieg worked out for the Seahawks and was offered a contract to be a reserve quarterback. In 1981, Krieg had earned his way up to second-string, and when Jim Zorn went down with an injury, Krieg started the final three games of the season. Krieg went 2-1 and showed some serious talent and gave Seattle a decision to consider going into 1982.

Krieg won the starting job in 1982 and started for the majority of the season before suffering an injury to his throwing hand. Zorn took back over, but when he struggled and Krieg was cleared to return, Krieg took his starting spot back to finish the season.

In 1983, Krieg was once again relegated to the backup role until midseason when head coach Chuck Knox reinserted him into the starting lineup. Krieg led the Seahawks to the playoffs for the first time in franchise history and went all the way to the AFC Championship game.

Krieg was named the official starter in 1984, even after the team desperately tried to lure Warren Moon to Seattle. In week one, running back Curt Warner injured his knee, forcing Krieg to pass the ball more than planned. This oddly worked out in Seattle's favor, as Krieg threw for 3,671 yards and 32 touchdowns. Seattle finished the year 12-4 and Krieg was named to the Pro Bowl. However, in 1985, Krieg's production fell off a cliff, and whispers about his future in Seattle were starting to get louder.

In 1986, Krieg had a much-needed hot start to the year. But by midseason, Krieg's struggles from 1985 reared their ugly heads and he was benched for four games. Krieg returned to the starting lineup after the team lost all four games he was benched. Krieg led Seattle to five straight wins and was named AFC Offensive Player of the Month for December.

In 1987, Krieg set a franchise record with his 108th touchdown pass, surpassing Jim Zorn's previous record, in the first game of the season. Krieg led Seattle to the playoffs once again, but Seattle was knocked out in the first round.

In 1988, a make-or-break year for Krieg, Seattle won the division for the first time in team history after defeating the Raiders in week 17 behind Krieg's 410 yards and 4 touchdowns. However, Seattle once again lost in the first round of the playoffs.

By 1989, Krieg began showing his decline as the Seahawks missed the playoffs at 7-9. And by 1990, Krieg was essentially unplayable. Seattle drafted his replacement in 1991, and Krieg signed with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Krieg was the starting quarterback for Seattle for eight straight seasons between 1984 and 1991. His 73 wins as a starter is third all-time in Seahawks history.