Ranking the last 10 Seahawks first-round draft picks in the NFL draft

Seattle has missed on about half of its most recent first-round picks.

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No. 6 - Germain Ifedi, offensive tackle (2016, pick 31)

Ifedi was also a victim of Tom Cable's toying with the offensive line. The offensive lineman started at right guard as a rookie and then moved to right tackle in his second season. Cable wasn't a terrible coach but he also meddled much more than he should have. Offensive lines need time to build cohesion and Cable moved parts around so much that cohesion simply could not occur. Ifedi also wasn't a waste of a draft pick either.

Yes, he was atrocious as a right guard in terms of pass blocking, but after flipping to tackle he was quite good in that aspect. He was never the best run-blocker in his career, but his ability to handle edge rushers kept him employed until 2023. He is still only 29 years old but he had an injury issue in 2021 that teams don't seem to be able to overlook now.

No. 5 - Charles Cross, left tackle (2022, pick 9)

Cross is about to enter his third season in the NFL but he is clearly going to be a solid tackle for many years, barring some kind of injury. He graded at number 38 among tackles in 2023, according to Pro Football Focus (subscription required), but that was an improvement over his rookie year in 2022 when he was not that bad either. Likely, Cross, with a new offensive line coach, Scott Huff, will be even better in 2024.

He might not ever be a Pro Bowler, though that should not be ruled out, but he already is a solid left tackle who should become a very good one. His pass-block ability is among the better tackles in the NFC, and he just needs to become better at blocking when the Seahawks run the ball.