5 reasons Seahawks are not going to trade DK Metcalf or Tyler Lockett

Rumors have swirled this offseason that Seattle could trade DK Metcalf or Tyler Lockett.
DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett of the Seattle Seahawks
DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett of the Seattle Seahawks / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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As every 12 knows, the Seattle Seahawks have had back-to-back 9-8 seasons. This means that while Seattle is certainly not great, the team also is not horrible. Seattle should contend for a playoff spot in 2024.

That probably would not happen if Seattle traded either DK Metcalf or Tyler Lockett. This offseason seems to have been cycles in pundits discussing the potential of Metcalf being moved. Then they switch to Lockett.

Neither receiver is likely to be traded, nor should they be. That doesn't mean non-Seahawks sites will stop discussing the idea. Here are five reasons those sites should move on.

Reason No. 1 - Seattle Seahawks do not need the money that badly

Many national pundits believe that Seattle is in a bad way financially. Several sites have almost offered for whatever teams they cover to take Metcalf or Lockett off Seattle's hands to help the Seahawks. This is ridiculous and shows a lack of research and common sense. Cap room in the NFL is malleable and teams can move money around as needed. It is very unlikely general manager John Schneider is sitting in his office fretting about the cap.

Currently, Seattle is barely over the cap, according to Over The Cap, at $1,141,223. This is 31st in the league. There are a couple of cut candidates, Darrell Taylor and Jon Rhattigan, who, if they are released, would open up $6 million. Even if one is released, Seattle would have an extra $3 million. Plus, the greater likelihood is that Seattle will offer Taylor or Rhattigan some guaranteed money and the players' cap number will decrease.

Trading Metcalf at this point would save Seattle $17 million, and trading Lockett would save $5 million. The question that needs to be asked, though, especially since Seattle is under the cap, is for what reason would Seattle move Metcalf and Lockett? It's not like there is another player available who is going to help Seattle more in 2024 than Metcalf or Lockett would.