Recent Seahawks trade might have eliminated this draft pick for Seattle

Seattle may have no reason to take a quarterback in the 2024 draft.

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While there is no real way of knowing what Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider is going to do in the 2024 NFL draft, 12s might logically think one position group does not need to be addressed. For the first time in his career with Seattle, Schneider has full roster control and he can do whatever he wants. But only with the limitation of what the team needs.

Seattle likely needs to address the interior of its offensive line first. Potentially if the best player available is a defensive tackle such as Byron Murphy II then Seattle could take him. As Schneider likes to take the best player available no matter what position that might be, he could even take a cornerback or receiver. That doesn't seem intelligent for the short term, though.

But after trading for quarterback Sam Howell this offseason, there appears to be no reason for Seattle to choose a QB early in the draft. There might not even be a reason to take a quarterback with any of the draft choices unless Schneider trades quite a bit and winds up with 10 choices or so. The reason is that adding a quarterback might simply take a roster spot away from another position that needs depth more than quarterback does.

Seattle Seahawks adding Sam Howell probably means no quarterback in the 2024 NFL draft

That did not stop Charles Davis of from mocking Seattle for choosing Washington quarterback Michael Penix, Jr., however. Jones does begin his short write-up of Penix to the Seahawks with "Surprise!," however. Otherwise, Jones says Seattle could take Penix because he was a productive player for the Huskies and his offensive coordinator was Ryan Grubb who happens to be the new OC for Seattle.

The problem is that taking Penix at pick 16 is an overdraft, however. Due to his injury history and lack of perceived mobility in the NFL, Penix has fallen to the second round in many mock drafts. If Schneider wants to select him, Penix would probably still be around in the second round should Seattle trade back and add a second-round choice.

Another issue is that the Seahawks simply have too many other position needs, especially as current quarterbacks Geno Smith and Sam Howell are under contract for two years. Seattle may need to take a QB in 2025, but even that might be doubtful as things currently stand. Most teams only keep two quarterbacks active on game days so taking a quarterback early in the 2024 draft might mean Seattle is forced to leave three quarterbacks on the active roster and that means another, more needier, position has to go short.

Trading for Howell likely means no Penix. Or, for that matter, no quarterback at all in April's draft. That is OK. Seattle has greater needs.

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