Recent studies show how expensive it is to be Seattle Seahawks fan

If you are going to see a game at Lumen Field this year, you better be ready to spend a lot of money beforehand.
Seattle Seahawks fans
Seattle Seahawks fans / Jane Gershovich/GettyImages

If one is a fan of a team, there is not only an emotional commitment but a financial one as well. Baseball fans have it somewhat easier due to the number of games, though tickets can be expensive for a family. For NFL fans, though, going to a game can be as much as the cost of a vacation. There is more of an extreme for Seattle Seahawks fans.

According to a study by a website called Tick Pick, Seattle had the seventh-highest average ticket prices for a regular season game in 2023. The average cost was $242 per ticket. One of Seattle's NFC West rivals, the Arizona Cardinals, had the lowest price for a single ticket at $81.

One surprising part is that the $242 average ticket is $6 less than the average ticket pre-COVID. In 2019, the average ticket was $248. In 2022, the average price was $209.

Going to a Seattle Seahawks game at Lumen Field is extremely expensive

Possibly, 12s might feel "lucky" that they are not fans of the Las Vegas Raiders. Potentially because many visiting fans will be visiting Vegas while their team plays the Raiders, the ticket prices are higher. Still, the average ticket price was $433.

Once at the game, things don't get easier financially. According to VinePair, if a fan wants to have a beer, the average cost of a 16-ounce brewski is $11.04 at Lumen Field. That is based on the cheapest beer and the cost per ounce. If you want something else besides Bud Light, you will have to pay a lot more. $11.04 was the 13th-highest in the league.

Last year, the price of a hot dog was $7.99. That was 50 cents higher than the previous season. One can expect prices to be higher in 2024 as well.

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All of this means that if one has a family of four and everyone wants to go to watch the Seahawks at Lumen Field, the cost of four tickets would be $968. If everyone has a beer, that's an added $44 (for bad beer). If four people eat just one hot dog (and seriously, who eats just one hot dog?), that is another $32. That is a total cost for a family of four of $1,044.

That also doesn't include parking, merchandise people might want to buy at the team's pro shop or any other kinds of drinks and food. $1,400 at a single Seahawks game is not out of the question. It might be better to just stay home and watch the games on local TV (or on the overpriced NFL Sunday Ticket if you live outside the Seahawks viewing area).

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