Russell Wilson does another thing that makes it difficult to keep disliking him

Wilson did not leave the Seahawks under the best of circumstances but he keeps coming back to Seattle anyway.
Russell Wilson, formerly of the Seattle Seahawks
Russell Wilson, formerly of the Seattle Seahawks / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

When Russell Wilson played for the Seattle Seahawks, he was not only the best quarterback the franchise had ever had on the field, but he presented himself as a good guy away from the field as well. To be fair, Wilson does not appear to be a bad person, just one who is self-serving. He also seemingly came to see himself as bigger than the team.

While the team has denied the situation, a report from The Athletic (subscription required) stated Wilson had gone to Seattle's ownership group after the 2022 season and requested that head coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider be terminated. The quarterback allegedly felt Carroll and Schneider were holding the team back, which really meant he felt Carroll and Schneider were holding him back.

Wilson eventually was traded, of course. While with Seattle, the quarterback's answers to reporters' questions seemed pre-planned and canned. At first, it was fine because he appeared to be calmly answering as a leader. Over time, he seemed more to answer questions to enhance the persona he wanted to sell to the public.

Former Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson does a good thing (again)

Because of this, some of his actions might have been called into question as well. Did he do good deeds away from the field because he wanted to or did he do them because he knew he would look better to the general public? In the end, what really mattered was those lives he affected by showing up to events. Those were mostly positive moments.

Specifically, Wilson used to go to Seattle's Children's Hospital every Tuesday morning during a given season. The impression he made on children who were struggling with illness cannot be measured. No matter what anyone thinks of Wilson - possibly he is a self-serving person who does things to help his brand or maybe he doesn't - the fact that every week he would help a sick child be happy for any amount of time makes Wilson a decent person.

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Wilson now plays with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and while he doesn't have any direct ties to the Seahawks anymore, he still recently did a good thing in Seattle. Wilson's wife, Ciara, was performing in a concert in the city this past weekend. The quarterback came to Seattle with Ciara and they both stopped by Seattle's Children's Hospital to visit with children. The day also happened to be Wilson and Ciara's wedding anniversary.

Sure, many 12s will never like Russell Wilson again. They have that right. But sometimes seeing past the sport he plays and judging him by the impact he has on others' lives is the better way to go. Wilson isn't perfect, but he isn't a bad human being either.

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