Seahawks 1st-Round Mock: How Seattle can win Day 1 of the NFL Draft

New York Jets v Seattle Seahawks
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The 2023 NFL Draft is officially upon us. With the franchise-altering event just days away, the Seattle Seahawks narrow down their game plan as they hope to build upon their strong draft last year. Serving as the beneficiary from the Russell Wilson trade, Seattle enters this draft with an opportunity to put the finishing touches on building their championship core.

However, how they go about it will ultimately determine the success or downfall of this franchise. With the defensive line needing the most help, it would appear taking Jalen Carter or Will Anderson Jr. early on would be the obvious move. But, the rarity of picking in the top 5 has to at least make the Seattle Seahawks consider a quarterback.

That, of course, leads to which quarterback? Although many believe Bryce Young is the best QB in this class, it is also believed that none of them are projected to be superstars in the NFL. Many feel that the 2024 NFL Draft will have two of those guys in Caleb Williams and Drake Maye. But, how much weight does that hold in the Seattle Seahawks war room?

Seattle Seahawks 2023 NFL Draft: 1st-Round Mock

The way I see it, rankings are just a number. Look no further than the John Schneider and Pete Carroll tenure era in Seattle. Richard Sherman, Doug Baldwin, Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner, Tariq Woolen are just a few of the names that were low on the rankings board. A few of the guys who weren't deemed to be good enough to start in the NFL. Teams do not draft based on grades, they draft based on philosophy.

In Seattle, raw athleticism has blossomed into superstardom. While they haven't hit on all of their draft picks, their philosophy has remained the same and I think it will once again pay off come Thursday night. The Seattle Seahawks are presented with a chance to walk away as the biggest winners of night one.

With two trades and 3 draft selections in the 1st round, the Seattle Seahawks will be able to address their biggest needs while also acquiring the guys on top of their board. This is how they do it.