2023 Seattle Seahawks final 53-man roster breakdown and grades

The Seattle Seahawks have now set their initial 53-man roster for 2023, but does the team look like a real contender?
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Seattle Seahawks running backs (5)

Kenneth Walker III, Zach Charbonnet, DeeJay Dallas, Kenny McIntosh, Nick Bellore

This group will be made or broken by how well and how healthy Walker is. He gets a little disrespect for not being able to grind out a few yards at a time, but I don't see this. Several times last year once Walker reached the scrum, the scrum moved forward. Is he Marshawn Lynch? Of course, not. But also has some serious leg strength and can power for yards when needed.

Charbonnet hasn't looked great in preseason, but then he's also been running behind second-teamers for the most part. So take what you will from the preseason. Dallas has been Dallas, which is fine. McIntosh looked good in training camp, but then he got hurt. He could be a three-down back, but he hasn't proven he can do anything yet. Bellore is really a special teams ace and is listed here simply because he has to be listed somewhere.

Grade: B

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver (6)

Tyler Lockett, DK Metcalf, Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Jake Bobo, Dareke Young, Cody Thompson

This group could be ultra-thin. I know people love Bobo and Smith-Njigba, and they are potentially very productive, especially JSN. But most rookie receivers have issues in their first year in the NFL and both Bobo and Smith-Njigba are rookies. This means the only proven players are Metcalf and Lockett and 12s should just hope they don't get hurt.

That said, the best-case scenario would be that Smith-Njigba comes back from an injured wrist by Week 2 and Bobo is as good as he's shown in the preseason, and this frees Metcalf and Lockett up for more open space. If that happens, Metcalf, especially, could have a massive season. Young is an injury concern, but a good special teamer.

Grade: B (possibly an A)