2023 Seattle Seahawks final 53-man roster breakdown and grades

The Seattle Seahawks have now set their initial 53-man roster for 2023, but does the team look like a real contender?
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Seattle Seahawks special teams (3)

Kicker Jason Myers, punter Michael Dickson, long snapper Chris Stoll

I might just copy and paste these same three names in this type of article for the next three years. Barring injuries, none of these guys are going anywhere. Stoll has been solid in training camp and the preseason and was excellent in the same role at Penn State.

Myers is one of the best kickers in the league and made the Pro Bowl last year. One of the first moves Seattle made this past offseason was to sign Myers to a four-year contract extension. That would make him 36 by the time the contract ends which is a little long in the tooth for a kicker, but his contract is also front-loaded. If he's not still productive by 2025, Seattle could release him and save $2,325,000 against the cap. But let's hope he's great for four more years.

Michael Dickson is currently tied for the all-time lead for yards-per-punt at 47.6. So, yeah, Seattle spending a fifth-round pick on the guy in 2018 has been completely worth it. He could be Seattle's punter for the next 8 years. He's always among the league leaders in punts downed inside the 20 as well, so he is a defensive weapon.

Grade: A (this might be the Seahawks most consistently good unit)

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