Seattle Seahawks 2023 Mock Draft: Building a championship nucleus

Seattle Seahawks 2023 Mock Draft
Seattle Seahawks 2023 Mock Draft / Tom Hauck/GettyImages
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Round 1, Seahawks Pick 5 (via DEN)

player. . . Anthony Richardson. 526. . QB | Florida. 6

The Seattle Seahawks' affiliation with quarterbacks at the NFL Combine and their respective pro days is no smoke show. I believe the Seahawks have legitimate intentions of selecting a quarterback at number 5. That is why I have the Seahawks selecting their quarterback of the future, Anthony Richardson with this pick. In my first two mocks, I had Seattle selecting Jalen Carter with this pick to help boost their defensive line.

But, between Carter's recent track record and knowing John Schneider's history of being involved with rookie quarterbacks, this pick makes too much sense. Now, some may feel Richardson at 5 is a bit of a reach. I would counter by referencing the New York Giants in 2019. With picks 6 and 17 in the first round, New York selected Daniel Jones first, and then addressed their defensive line later on. By passing up on the quarterback you love, you are putting yourself at high risk of losing out on him all-together.

Many will be opposed to this selection, and I hear you. The number of collegiate starts and a 53.8 percent completion percentage in 2022 is certainly alarming. But, keep in mind that he plays in the SEC, which features many NFL-ready defenders, and was inserted into a bit of chaos at Florida. Moreover, the keys will not be handed over immediately to Richardson. Geno Smith's contract is set up for Seattle to potentially get out after year-1.

Not to mention the fact that Geno Smith is the perfect mentor for Anthony Richardson. Unlike Indianapolis or Carolina, Richardson will be able to come into Seattle and be polished up before being thrown into the starting lineup. This situation will resemble what Patrick Mahomes did in Kansas City. I'm not saying Richardson will turn out to be Mahomes, but between his 4.43 40-yard dash and significant arm strength, he has the capabilities of being successful in Seattle.