Seahawks 2023 OTA offseason workouts and minicamps schedule

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As we all know, the NFL season never stops. Maybe actual games aren't happening, but the preparation for them is one way or another. The Seattle Seahawks have announced the dates for offseason workouts so that 12s know when the actual days their favorite team is doing real stuff to get ready for real games.

Traing camp starts in July and that's when players can tackle each other. Before that? Not so much.

Still, and especially for the younger players, OTAs and minicamp are very important. They pick up playbooks! The sign each other's yearbooks! OK. I made that up, obviously. But here are some important dates to remember for 12s.

Seahawks rookie minicamp

Seattle's minicamp for rookies, which includes drafted rookies, undrafted free agents, and tryout players, will occur from May 12th through the 14th. This is an interesting camp because we get to see the players in a Seahawks uniform doing real work for the first time. It is also a good chance for UDFAs and tryout players to prove they belong on a 53-man roster.

Best case scenario for tryout players is that they are signed as a free agent and get an invite back for minicamp. They will get a chance to compete against veterans and see how they do. Bottom line, it is tough to make it in the NFL starting off as a tryout player.

Rookie minicamps are mostly for players to meet their new teammates, learn some things to work on before training camp begins, and get to know the culture of their new team. Some players will learn a new technique or two, apply them before training camp, and earn the respect of the coaches. Others won't and risk not making the team.

Seahawks OTAs

There are a bunch of dates for organized team activities (OTAs). And there are also a bunch of rules and phases for OTAs. There is a phase one which is two weeks and mostly just working out. Phase two lasts for three weeks and is also mostly just lifting weights, but in phase two coaches are allowed to be on the field with the players. Phase three is four weeks total and includes one week of minicamp but without contact.

The Seahawks OTAs happen on May 22, May 24-25, May 30, June 1-2 and June 12-14. You'll understand the reason for the break on that last bit in just a minute. These dates are mostly voluntary for veterans.

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Seahawks mandatory minicamp

The last big one before training camp in July is the mandatory one. Obviously, this means players have to be there. Don't expect any Seahawks to hold out on this one; The team seems to be tight-knit and no veterans appear to be unhappy with their contracts. This camp happens between June 6th and 8th.