Seahawks 2024 7-round mock: A trade explosion in honor of John Schneider

Seattle gets quite a few immediate starters in this mock.
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The trades are in!

The simulator allows trades for 2025 picks as well, which turned out to be crucial for my draft strategy. It helped that the site would offer trades. Most of the trades I made that seem to be tilted far more to the advantage of the Seahawks were initiated by the software, not me. The pertinent information here is simply the round, the overall selection, the year of the selection, and how much value the Seahawks gained or lost in the trade. This will make more sense after we check our first trade.

Seahawks receive

Colts receive

Seahawks value

2024: Round 2, Pick 46

2024: Round 1, 16

-289 points

2024: Round 3, Pick 82

2025: Round 3

2024: Round 4, Pick 117

2024: Round 5, Pick 151

2025: Round 2

+330 points

2025: Round 4

The first two columns need no explanation. If they do, then just skip ahead to the list of players drafted. I didn't list the draftees within the table because I traded so many picks later. It would give you a headache following all the convolutions through these tables. As for the final column, I listed the value gained - or in this case lost - through the 2024 draft, and treated the value of the 2025 draft separately. Overall, Seattle came out ahead on this deal, but it's worth noting that yes, as far as this year alone goes, they gave up too much. The real value won't pan out until 2025.

Seahawks receive

Bengals receive

Seahawks value

2024: Round 2, pick 49

2024: Round 2, Pick 46

+ 116 points

2024: Round 3, pick 97

2024: Round 5, pick 149

2024: Round 7, pick 237

Not a bad haul for dropping back a mere three spots. Third-round picks can be a major roll of the dice, of course. I might wind up with the 2024 version of C.J. Prosise or Lano Hill. Not bad players, but they simply didn't work out in the long run. But for the cost of moving down just three spots, I get another chance to draft the next Tyler Lockett or Russell Wilson. We all know what round Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor were drafted. So yeah, I was very happy with this trade.

Seahawks receive

Broncos receive

Seahawks value

2024: Round 4, Pick 121

2024: Round 4, Pick 117

+36 points

2024: Round 5, Pick 147

2024: Round 6, Pick 203

Seahawks receive

Vikings receive

+ 16 points

2024: Round 4, Pick 129

2024: Round 4, pick 121

2024: Round 5, Pick 167

That table sums up my trades in the fourth round. While I didn't gain a lot of value, I did gain three draft picks while sacrificing little in the value of the initial selection. For some strange reason, that 121st draft pick has been a bad slot almost without exception. In the past 10 drafts, Bills CB Taron Johnson is one of the few 121s who's still in the league. As you can see, I moved on from that pick like Taylor Swift moves on to the next relationship. Sorry, Mr. Kelce; please don't hurt me. Alright 12s, make sure your harnesses are locked in because the trades are about to reach escape velocity.