Seahawks 2024 7-round mock: A trade explosion in honor of John Schneider

Seattle gets quite a few immediate starters in this mock.
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Seahawks phones explode with day three trades

The mock day three of my mock draft is where I built the most value in this draft. It's also where I nabbed some pretty solid talent. We'll get to the players, don't worry. Overall, I added 16 draft picks on the final day of the draft. Six of those selection bolstered this year's draft, while the remaining 10 are 2025 selections. This is as good a time as any to explain that the draft values for the 2025 picks are rough estimates.

For example, we don't know exactly where the Colts will be drafting in 2025, only that the Hawks swindled - er, obtained - their second and fourth-round picks. For some teams, I assumed they'd be in the top 10 next year. Others I slotted in the middle tier, and - yes, you guessed it - some I banished to the pits of the bottom of the rankings. The highest draft pick I assumed in any round was 10th, the lowest 25th. So while the actual picks would certainly miss the mark, they should even out to a decent approximation of what the true value would be. Plus, it's a mock draft. Relax, already.

Seahawks receive

Saints receive

Seahawks value

2024: Round 5, Pick 150

2024: Round 5, Pick 147

+ 36 points

2024: Round 5, Pick 170

2024: Round 6, Pick 199

Seahawks receive

Rams receive

2024: Round 5, Pick 154

2024: Round 5, Pick 151

+ 53 points

2024: Round 5, Pick 155

2024: Round 6, Pick 196

2024: Round 6, Pick 209

The trade with the Rams seems the most likely winner of the This Would Only Happen in a Mock Draft Award, right? I don't doubt that John Schneider would make this deal. Who wouldn't? There's barely one point of difference between numbers 151 and 154, so I guess the Rams were desperate to get "that guy". As you no doubt recall, last year Mike Morris and Olu Oluwatimi were drafted at 151 and 154. While the jury is still out on both, they still show a lot of promise for the upcoming season. So there's real value in picking up another selection in that range, let alone two later picks.

Seahawks receive

Titans receive

Seahawks value

2025: Round 3

2024: Round 6, Pick 167

- 26 points

2025: Round 5

+ 257 points

Seahawks receive

Eagles receive

2024: Round 6, Pick 171

2024: Round 6, Pick 170

- 1 points

2025: Round 3

+ 169 points

2025: Round 6

Seahawks receive

Texans receive

2024: Round 7, Pick 238

2024; Round 6, Pick 171

- 22 points

2024: Round 7, Pick 247

2025: Round 3

+ 185 points

2025: Round 4

There were so many trades in the sixth round that it made sense to break them into two groups. Yes, I took a bit of a hit in this year's draft. I essentially turned pick number 167 into two supplemental-level picks in 2024. I gave up 53 points of draft capital in 2024; in essence, a late fourth-rounder. Spread over three sixth-round picks, it's not quite as impactful. But I added three third-round picks and more to the 2025 draft. That's a huge win moving forward.

Seahawks receive

Bengals receive

Seahawks value

2024: Round 6, Pick 214

2024: Round 6, Pick 179

- 14 points

2025: Round 3

+ 211 points

2025; Round 4

Seahawks receive

Dolphins receive

2025; Round 3

2024; Round 6, Pick 192

- 16 points

2025; Round 5

+ 176 points

I wrapped up my sixth-round trades here by filling my draft capital vault even further. The values I assigned perfectly illustrate the semi-educated guesswork involved. I made two separate trades for third and fifth-round selections in 2025. Yet the values I gave to the Titans and Dolphins deals are wildly different. 174 points gained from Miami, and a whopping 257 from Tennessee. The solution should be obvious: Which team do you think will be more successful in 2025? I expect the Titans will rank in the bottom 10, and the Dolphins in the top 10. Alright 12s, time to conclude the trades.

Seahawks receive

Buccaneers receive

Seahawks value

2025: Round 3

2024: Round 7, Pick 199

-13 points

2025; Round 7

+ 205 points

Seahawks receive

Lions receive

2025; Round 4

2024: Round 7, Pick 209

- 9 points

2025: Round 6

+ 81 points

Take a breath, 12s; the wheelin' and dealin' is done. In that last flurry, I jettisoned a pair of picks that might have landed talent no better than an undrafted free agent. Then again, one of those may have been the next Chris Carson. But I'll make that deal every time to add a third, fourth, sixth, and seventh-round selection to 2025. Overall, I lost 133 points in draft capital for 2024. Concentrated in one player, it's the equivalent of trading the 28th pick of the third round, number 92 overall. That's a significant investment, absolutely.

Ah, but in return, I added a massive haul of 1,612 points in draft capital for 2025. That's the equivalent of picking up the sixth overall pick in next year's draft. Or if you prefer, the third, fourth, and fifth picks of the second round. Basically, trading the rights to Nick Vannett or Shaquill Griffin for Russell Okung or Walter Jones. If you drop back to those three second-round guys, just make sure you don't draft Malik McDowell. I'd recommend the Boye Mafe, Kenneth Walker III, and DK Metcalf options.