Seahawks now know when their 2024 offseason workout dates will be

When is Seattle doing what they need to do?

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The Seattle Seahawks get to begin some of their offseason workout dates sooner than normal. NFL teams with new coaches get a head start on those teams who are bringing back the same boring guys. (OK, I guess if someone has won a Super Bowl, such as the Kansas City Chiefs, and is returning, say...Andy Reid, then maybe things are not boring.)

The Seahawks will hold their offseason program in three phases. Phase one lasts two weeks and players can do no hitting but be involved in meetings and strength and conditioning workouts. In the last decade-plus, this would not be such a big deal but as Seattle has a new coaching staff, the meetings have an added importance.

Phase two is a three-week program that may consist of on-field workouts and drills. There is still no real contact, however. Offensive and defensive players can line up from one another and react to what might happen. Kind of like a meet-cute.

Seattle Seahawks pre-training camp offseason workout dates

Phase three can be as much as four weeks. There is still no love contact, but teams can participate in 7-on-, 9-on-7, and 11-on-11 drills. No 15-on-12 drills are allowed, however, because that is not real football. (Albeit, sometimes when watching some NFL teams, such as the Denver Broncos, one might debate whether they are watching "real" football or not.)

So when are the Seattle Seahawks holding their pre-training camp workouts? Well, you are in luck! I have stumbled onto that information and will pass that on to you.

The first day of Seattle's wrkouts will be April 8. Sam Howell actually gave this date away recently during an interview on Seattle Sports 710 AM. At least Howell, a newcomer to Seattle after being traded to the team this offseason, knows when he should show up.

Seattle's voluntary minicamp will be held from April 22 through 24, just days before the 2024 NFL draft. The draft will be held from April 25 through 27. Clearly, new Seahawks will be added during those days.

Organized team activities (OTAs) will be held on the following dates: May 20, May 22-23, May 28, May 30-31, June 3-4, and June 6-7. If I were a Seattle player, I would probably be asking what day it is and where I am supposed to be. Just another great reason I do not play for the team.

Finally, mandatory minicamp will be held from June 11 through 13. In other words, show up. Otherwise, there is an issue somewhere.

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