Top 3 keys to victory for Seattle Seahawks versus Los Angeles Rams in Week 1

The Seahawks open their 2023 season with a home game against NFC West rival, the Los Angeles Rams.
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Key to winning Week 1 No. 3: Respect the Rams, they do not respect the Seahawks

The third key to victory is to respect the Rams as a team. This has all the making of a trap game, though it won't be. The expectations are high for us this season, while the Rams could end up being the worst team in the league (next to the dumpster fire going on in Arizona).

Cooper Kupp is out of this world. Matthew Stafford has a ton of miles on the car, but he is a Hall of Fame quarterback who can still play. The Seahawks need to respect their game. Stafford is going to do everything possible to get the ball in Kupp's hands. We need to respect that.

If Seattle overlooks this team they could upset us. The reality is, that these are two NFL teams, and even though the Rams lack of talent compared to us, they are still NFL players. There are guys on their 53-man roster who are itching for the opportunity to make a name.

This cannot be the game where we allow that to happen. Respect the Rams for who they are, and play like we are the better team. Good teams beat bad teams. Period. If we go out there and handle our business, the Seahawks walk away 1-0 on the season. Set the tone early boys. Let's beat LA!

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