Seattle Seahawks 53-man roster prediction before preseason Week 2

Some Seahawks made strong statements to make the active roster against the Minnesota Vikings. in preseason Week 1.
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The Seattle Seahawks are now less than a month before the 2023 regular season begins. The team has two more preseason games and several practices before they have to make final decisions on who is going to make the 53-man active roster for this year. Some players may have given themselves a lead over the camp competition with their play in preseason Week 1 against the Minnesota Vikings.

There are probably about 40 guys we know will make the team. Players such as DK Metcalf and Quandre Diggs are not going anywhere, for instance. But players like Vi Jones need to keep battling.

What follows is my best current guess at who would makes the Seahawks roster if the season were beginning on Sunday. A few spots could change, of course, if the players that follow don't play as well in preseason Week 2, or if some other player just has a crazy great game. But one undrafted receiver from 2023 might have cemented his spot of the roster with what he did against the Vikings.

Quarterbacks (2)

Geno Smith, Drew Lock

This seems pretty obvious, right? We know Geno Smith is going to be the starter. Heck, he might not even play during the preseason. The best chance for that is likely in preseason game 2 against the Green Bay Packers. Even then he might only play for a short time in the first half. Let's just hope he doesn't get hurt.

Lock looked mostly as he did in the preseason last year. That is not a bad thing, but he always pulls off a play or two where he might cost his team dearly if he was playing a regular season game. Still, the guy can spin a football like few others. His touchdown pass to Easop Winston in the first half against the Vikings was a thing of beauty. The ball must have been going 60 MPH. But then Lock had the bad interception in the second half and those kinds of passes might make 12s nervous if Lock has to become the starter for a bit of time.

Finally, Holton Ahlers is not going to make the active 53-man roster but he sure is fun to watch. His ability to run could help in limited reps if he was called upon. Hopefully, he will at least make it on the practice squad.