Seattle Seahawks 53-man roster projection after preseason Week 3

The Seahawks must finalize their 53-man roster by August 29th at 1 pm PT.
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The Seattle Seahawks are done with their preseason. Maybe the team isn't as healthy as one might hope, but many teams seem to have the same concern. Still, Seattle likely will have to keep some players on the active roster who might miss a game or two.

Final roster cuts have to be made by 1 pm PT on August 29th. Seattle tends to release who is on the roster way past that, however. So we might not know who is actually making the team until 4 pm PT.

Then practice squad players will be rumored and confirmed on August 30th. Many players fighting for roster spots now should make the practice squad if not the active roster. But here is a last guess at who makes the initial 53-man active roster.

A final guess at the initial Seattle Seahawks active 53-man roster for 2023

Quarterbacks (2)

Geno Smith, Drew Lock

The Seahawks will probably have three quarterbacks on the sidelines on game days due to the NFL's new rule about being able to have a third quarterback ready in case the first two quarterbacks get injured. This seems ridiculous, but the situation has happened in the last couple of seasons around the league. That said, if Holton Ahlers, Seattle's QB3, needs to come in, hopefully he will just hand off.

Ahlers has a decent arm and has some athletic ability to run around a bit. But he's left-handed so it kind of throws off the whole works of the offense. (By the way, I mean no disrespect to lefties by saying that as I am left-handed myself.) Plus, he just hasn't gotten enough reps against starters in the NFL to get used to the speed of the game.

Geno Smith will be QB1 and Drew Lock will be QB2. Lock was solid in the preseason, though he still didn't face the number ones of an opposing defense with the number ones of the Seahawks offense so who knows what would happen in a real game. Smith should be among the best starters in the NFC again.